1911 Colt 45 For Sale

Before the creation of models in the U.S. M1911 pistols already got a pretty big spread, not to mention Europe, where guns Browning enjoyed great popularity. However, it was mostly weapons, working on the principle of locking the barrel blowback and, accordingly, firing rounds of small capacity. The U.S. Army in the early XX century still used revolvers, pistols are much smaller than for the rate of speed and precision shooting. This situation was due to the conservatism of the U.S. military, which relied on the reliability of revolvers, significantly higher than self-loading pistols. An important advantage of revolvers were standing alert with security and ease of handling, a great resource, as well as not high complexity and cost of production of the already well-established technology.

Also at that time most suitable for the military guns have a caliber not more than 9 mm, and the U.S. army has managed to get combat experience in the Philippine Islands, where the thin 9 mm guns were not very effective in the short-lived near the fighting with the rebels, armed and perfect use of machetes. Bullets 38 caliber were not able to stop the Moro warriors, manages to kill or inflict serious injury occupation, when he was mortally wounded. A temporary solution has become a revolver Colt Model 1909, use cartridges .45 Long Colt with a high stopping power and equipped with a trigger mechanism double action. In the army were put even the old revolvers 45 caliber with a single action. But the U.S. military wanted to get a modern self-loading pistol, not conceding on the reliability of revolvers, rapid, accurate and effective cartridge using 45-caliber.

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